The decision to dissolve a marriage is often a very challenging one. Even when the decision is clear, divorce still brings with it a sense of anxiety about the future that many people find troubling. Our goal at DiMaggio Law Offices is to help you through this difficult time as quickly and with as little stress as possible.

One way to limit the amount of uncertainty you may feel in the process is to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement before you get married.

Prenuptial agreements have become increasingly more popular in recent years as individuals just like you have become more informed about prenuptial agreements and their advantages.

Prenuptial agreements are basically contracts entered into by prospective spouses with the purpose of clearly establishing the rights, duties and obligations of the parties in the event of a termination of the marriage whether by death or divorce. These contracts (also called antenuptial agreements) are enforceable in the state of Florida (even when one party receives nothing) as long as certain conditions are met.

Among other requirements, the prenuptial agreement must be written and signed by both prospective spouses. Both parties should make a full disclosure of their financial standing so that everyone knows where they stand.

Many Florida courts favor properly executed prenuptial agreements because they make it easier to decide issues of alimony, division of property and debts and even certain aspects of parental responsibility.

Prenuptial agreements also have the benefit of helping to keep your court costs low since many of the more complicated issues that arise in a divorce proceeding are already resolved.

If you are considering marriage, we can help you decide whether a prenuptial agreement is in your best interests. If you decide that it is, we would be happy to prepare your prenuptial agreement for you.

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