Going through a divorce can impact every corner of your life and the lives of your children. Divorce lawyer Julie DiMaggio can guide you through every step of the process and help you make important decisions concerning:

  • Child custody, including custody, visitation, and shared parental responsibility
  • Child support, including child support calculations and modifications
  • Spousal support or alimony and modifications
  • Property division, including valuation of complex assets such as businesses and retirement benefits
  • Domestic violence and how it can affect your divorce
  • Separation agreements While Florida does not have legal separation, we often draft separation agreements for the time the divorce is in process.

Do I need a divorce lawyer?

The Florida family code has many provisions governing how divorcing couples may divide marital assets, establish custody agreements, and make decisions in their children’s lives. Most can be confusing and difficult to resolve for the average lay person. Julie DiMaggio can decipher the legal jargon and help explain how particular statutes may affect your ability keep property, maintain relationships with children, and support your family.

The legal steps of divorce

Every divorce is as different as the people going through it. However, many follow the same general steps:

  • Initial consultation with your lawyer
  • Fact finding
  • Evaluation of assets and liabilities
  • Determination of parent issues
  • An attempt to resolve the issues through four-way discussions between you, your lawyer, your spouse, and your spouse’s lawyer
  • If that fails, mediation or negotiation
  • If that fails, there will be a trial before a family law judge

Attorney Julie DiMaggio uses the collaborative divorce approach and attempts to resolve your divorce on an amicable basis, if that is your choice. Collaboration is the most cost-effective approach to divorce. However, if the other party is unreasonable, we are able and willing to litigate your case aggressively in court. For an initial consultation, call 954.768.9335.

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